Our Story

Our team has been working side-by-side, sometimes together, sometimes in parallel, for over a decade. Founded by CEO Dr. Parminder K. Jassal in collaboration with Dr. Merrilea Mayo and Julian L. Alssid, SocialTech.ai is focused on scaling the technologies and methodologies we know have made a difference to working learners. We are bound together by a belief that a future focused skills-centric approach to education and workforce development is the key to serving employers and learners alike.

Our flagship product is Unmudl, a one-stop Course-to-Jobs Marketplace powered by community colleges to connect working learners and employers. Unmudl features courses, credentials and services to help learners build employer-validated skills linked to real-world opportunities leading to higher incomes. Employer-validated courses offer a solution for working learners seeking the highest quality, fastest, most efficient, most direct path to a better job and further learning.

"You either take control of your learning or it takes control of you. It's that simple."

- Parminder K. Jassal