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Blog requirements.


  • You can type normal text and can paste web links, which might be useful to route the user to something even more informative and important.

  • Images can also be included inside the content and all commonly used image formats are acceptable: JPEG, PNG, JPG.

  • 72 dpi or greater resolutions for images will look better as users might view the posts on a wider screen.


The principal focus of the blog is to speak to the working learners that will use Unmudl. This might take several forms.

For example, you may want to highlight a unique course or service or approach that a working learner your college can use to get ahead in life or career.

Short of that, any general human interest story that draws the learner into your college's offerings would be good.

What we are shying away from are stories about big grants your college has received. Of course, if a funder is underwriting tuition for working learners, that would be a great topic to write about.

But stories more like:


  • Our learners in Course x got jobs at company y

  • Our Course x just won an award

  • Now offering financial aid for learners to buy laptops for COVID-19

  • Food Pantry at your college available even for online students

  • Your college's XYZ certificate now linked to Microsoft jobs board

  • Your college's Husbandry Instructor raises llamas in his spare time (human interest but ties back to instructor and thus course)

  • Ideally, there would be a direct or indirect call to action that can be enabled through Unmudl. For example, "Our Llama-loving instructor can be found teaching Course ABC and XYZ on Unmudl".

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